Travel Support

A limited amount of travel support funding is available to those attending from a developing country on a first come, first served basis.  PhD students and junior researchers will receive priority over senior researchers for these funds. 

Applications for travel support will open on 24th August and close on 28th August, 2015. 

This support can only be used to pay the cheapest economy class return airfare and not visa or other travel related costs.  It can also be only provided on a reimbursement basis after the conference has taken place i.e. individuals must purchase their own tickets initially.

Elegible to apply for travel support from the AfricaLics Secretariat to attend the conference are scholars from developing countries with accepted papers to the AfricaLics Conference.

If you are considering applying, please note that:

  • You can only apply within limited period of time.
  • Your paper must have been accepted.
  • If your paper is with a co-author we can only give travel support to the presenting author.
  • We do not support applicants residing in the country where the conference is located.
  • We can only support airplane tickets (thus not hotel, taxi, visa costs, food etc.). Please note: We only support low fare/economy class tickets.
  • AfricaLics Secretariat can only provide travel support in terms of reimbursement of travel costs AFTER the conference: The AfricaLics secretariat cannot support in means of prepaid tickets.
  • The reimbursement procedure starts AFTER the conference.
  • We cannot refund costs larger than the amount you are granted.
  • We cannot refund costs larger than the documented costs, which mean that we need original tickets and receipts after the conference.

If you are eligible and wish to apply for travel support please read the procedure described below.

  1. Before you start the online application process, please estimate your expected travel costs (i.e. the amount you apply for). We suggest that you contact a travel agency to get a ticket price (please use USD as currency). Please try to find cheap flights. We will assess the reasonability of the estimated costs.
  2. Once we have received your application it will be processed and we will inform you whether or not we can support you. If we choose to support your application you will receive an email with instructions about the reimbursement procedure in due time.

The online application form is available for download here.